Fun Christmas markets Festival in Paris

Fun Christmas markets Festival in Paris

Last Festive season in year 2015 and is also the major shopping occasion, the traditional Christmas market in France began to welcome visitors from November.

Originating from Germany and Alsace, the Christmas market has spread across Europe from the 1990 and eventually became a key event of the holiday season in Paris. The Christmas market is held in the most famous places of the capital, from Montparnasse to the Champs-Elysees over La Défense, brings joy steeped for visitors and locals!

In the sparkling market, you will see warmer in the cold winter in Europe and sensed the magic Christmas season. This is a great opportunity to hunt the Christmas ornaments, unique local products and crafts are on display in the utmost charming bungalows. The same point through some of the famous market that you can’t ignore in light.

The Christmas market in the area of the Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris from 12-23 December 2015 with more than forty craftsmen, designers and fashion accessories, sculpture …

Christmas market Champs-Elysees from November 15, 2015 until January 4, 2016. During the Christmas season, the most famous Avenue in the world brimming with sparkling decorations, lights and brings in the specialties, the lovely toy in charming bungalows.
Christmas market at the foot of the Eiffel Tower gives visitors the items of handicrafts, lovely Christmas decor items and unique gift ideas.

Christmas market at Gare de Paris-Est in Alsace from 16 to 18  on February 2015, the paradise of Christmas in Alsace in style with the biscuits, cake or gingerbread houses Bretzels decorated real smarts!

Christmas market Montparnasse from  10 to 31 Dec – 2015 is located at the foot of the Montparnasse tower, the Christmas village is where you can experience the many local products.
Christmas village La Défense Esplanade from 19 on 27 December  to 11  October 2015 with 10000 m ²  wider than about 300 wooden craft House and the holiday decorations 400 m².

Document by Pasris Laiberties

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